^^obviously Lacy packed just enough^^
^^the dudes crashed our dinner, by eating our left overs.^^
^^this is joel's "did you just eat my burger" face. im glad i got a picture of it. really glad haha^^
^^she's disgusted by feet if you couldn't tell. and we're there, peeing our pants because of it^^ 

I've been on road trips before, plenty actually. But this one was the first girls only road trip, and it was splendid! We had an awesome opportunity to attend the open house of the Ft. Lauderdale Temple. The car rides consisted of jamming out to musicals, doing the worst job ever at calling out the state troopers on i95, and story telling. The drive there was so fun, getting to know a lot more about everyone, girl talk, all that jazz. We got to the Marriott in a little over 2 hours, jumped on the beds, took selfies, and just relaxed cause the drive was too much for our butts. 

Dinner that night was a pain, literally. Went to Chili's but there was a game going on and the waiting was way too long for 6 hungry ladies. On the way out I hit my head on a pole. Why would anyone place those door poles in the middle of the doorway when both of those doors are intended to open entirely for people to walk through, I do not know. But I hit my cheek and glasses on it really hard that I could still feel it just a tad if I touch it. This was Friday night too. Then we drove over to Tijuana Flats. Got there at 10:05 and they closed at 10 on the dot. Ughh ughh ughh. I'm not very nice when I'm hungry. Especially after I plunged my face into a pole. We ended up getting some help from some locals and directed us to a complex full of restaurants. 

Ate at Fudruckers, and oh my their steak sandwich was mouthwatering. It was a quiet dinner cause we all were starving. Then the guys came to crash our dinner for a bit, check up on us and our plans, eat our food basically. They were hitting Miami Beach afterwards and us girls just wanted to crash at the resort and just chill. It was a long night that night. Especially falling asleep at 3am and planning to wake up at 5:30 for the sunrise. 

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