^^appropriate iPhone advertisement + Lacy's hand makes a beautiful hand model^^
^^there was no way to edit this picture to make it even more beautiful than it already is. so I think it's appropriate to say, #nofilter^^
^^respect to this man right there. he was meditating and thanking God for his creation.it was beautiful to watch^^
^^ these girls are worth waking up for at 5 in the morning after only 2 hours of sleep^^

Other than visiting the temple, it was necessary to visit the beach and watch the sunrise. I've never witnessed the sunrise on the beach before, and it was definitely something. Something that didn't feel real, but the cool thing is, is that it was. It was breathtaking. And no camera or phone can amount to the pure bliss it was to witness those beams rise up from the waters. I'm so grateful to have watched it with these women who made it so peaceful and relaxing. Sitting on that sand and feeling that air just made me so grateful for the beauty of nature, for quiet time, for early mornings, for sight. 2 and a half hours 
of sleep got nothing on this. 

Also, props to Lacy for compiling a last minute list of things we would probably forget to pack for the weekend. She's pretty much a genius. If any of you guys plan a road trip anytime soon, majority of these things are essential to a successful weekend getaway:

"Because I don't want to hear "you should have told me" I'm going to take a moment and tell you. 1. Bring Beach wear 2. Bring Blankets/pillows 3.Bring church clothes for the temple on Saturday and for church Sunday... 4. Junk food 5. Happiness 6. Joy 7. Cash for paying Ashley for hotel. Approximately $50 per person but could be cheaper depending on how many gals crash. But no more than $50 each. 8. Cash for helping with gas 9. Food money 10. Your awesome selves 11. phone chargers 12. Tell your BF's that you're busy for the weekend and spending a joyous girls weekend and can't talk (text) all weekend!
I'm getting really really excited for this adventure! IF I forgot anything please add to the list!!!!!"

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