^^got treated to this good stuff by our good friend Joshua, who's also the sushi chef!^^
^^ his face after he tried my ham^^

^^our sushi chef got to sign the menu as a gift for my parents^^
^^my dad was way too excited lol^^
^^ those fireworks... Disney you're perfect.^^
^^ probably the best creme brûlée, ever.^^ 

Treated my parents for their 22nd Anniversary at Disney's California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort! And the food was just divine. It's like my tastebuds escalated into a whole new level of tasting. The restaurant is located on its very own floor on the top of the resort, over looking Magic Kingdom. A good friend of ours, Joshua, treated us to some good sushi, and I don't even like sushi much. But the ham sushi was really really good actually. Cause my parents loved the sushi, they ordered two more plates haha. We then got to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. I'm really glad my parents enjoyed themselves, they deserved it! 

To check out more of Joshua's food, click HERE! (you know you're hungry.)

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