This week I began my training at Kate Spade and I absolutely. love. it. I can't think of any other company that I would
rather work for. Not only can I dress the way I love to dress, but the company and my managers are so positive, quirky, and
optimistic! They also invite opportunities to grow in the company, which I respect. I feel like this job was made for me. Sitting in
the conference room during training, my insides were performing fireworks! Can't wait to officially start this new experience of living colorfully. 
What woo'd me over:
  1. I get to be more creative and bold with my outfits 
  2. My managers are awesome 
  3. There will be Essie nail polish in the break room
  4. One of the shifts before the grand opening consists of decorating our warehouse
  5. Wear as much polka dots and stripes as you want!
  6. Wear as much color as you can
  7. The sparklier, the brighter the flats the better 
  8. The manager on duty is also called The Host of the Party (yes)
  9. Instead of calling it "getting checked in" or "checking out" they call it "twirling in" and "twirling out" (how cute!)
yeah i think those reasons are good enough aye?

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