B,B,B& B

^^nailed it! after 20 minutes of trying lol^^
^^ and thats just the dessert table ;) ^^

^^ those chunky thighs though ^^
^^ some serious fire bending goin on ^^
^^ they're not posing for the camera at all, i promise. seriously, they were this dead by the end of the night ^^ 

B,B, & B= Beach, Boating, BBQ, and Bonfire! 
We started a tradition in our branch to have a summer bash in one of our counselors home. They have a huge lake in their backyard, a deck, boats, tubes, and an area for a bonfire. All it really is is a good time to just hang out and relax and have some fun. The best part of all this is the tubing ofcourse! Although holding on to dear life as you are dragged on the tube for what it seems like 60 mph, it's a pretty epic feeling knowing that you haven't yet fallen off the tube! Even after pouncing on some serious waves and being in the air for about 5 seconds, holding onto the tube as hard as you can pays off. What a great night! 



So heres how it all started: 
-Post on facebook about Jimmy Fallon coming to Orlando to sponsor the new opening of Harry Potter's new Diagon Alley.  Shared the post, but thought it was too good to be true cause tickets are way hard to get. 
- One day at work on my break my friend Lacy texts me and says to call her immediately. Thought it was something important from church. 
-Call her and she said how all day at work she was refreshing Fallons websites for tickets. She got one, and three more!! 
-I about freaked and screamed and my manager thought I was crazy. 

And thats how we ended up there! Four free tickets for us four craycray girls to witness Jimmy Fallons awesomeness! We got up at 6 in the morning to be in line for tickets and we were second in line! It was a hot morning, but it didn't matter. 
Later that day we returned back to the show for it's shoot and got to watch Kevin Hart and Jimmy Buffet! They were all so genuine and put Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon together was just hilarious. Still star strucked that I was a couple feet away from Jimmy. We just about died. And the crowd was amazing. 
After the show they allowed us into Universal! So we got a chance to ride The Mummy and Men in Black. We also passed by the newest addition to the park; London. Where the amazing Kings Cross Station, Grimmauld's Place, and the Triple Decker Bus were at. Harry Potter fangirl and 12 year old Marizette inside of me was dying and crying and melting into a puddle. The place was still not opened to the public as yet, but glancing from the gate of the property was still pretty sweet. 
Orlando, you're so good to people. 


^^ what a great moment to capture jacobs fear of birds haha^^
^^ the only little birdie we wanted to feed cause the little guy was so sweet ^^
^^ those gators swam close to us when we went over to see them. i bet they were waiting for an opportunity for the bridge to collapse or something lol^^
^^ this little monkey was in love with Nolan and nearly cried when we moved on with our tour^^

Our YSA branch one Family Home Evening activity had a chance to check out Wild Florida! The area was closed for us so it was sweet to have the place for our branch to explore. They had all kinds of animals from different parts of the world there! But my fave as the bird cage! those little fellas enjoyed our company... and food too! They were so open with us and were pampered by us petting and feeding them. They were the cutest little thangs. 

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