i don't think i give enough credit to this awesome stud right here. we had just made our 8 year mark and it's beyond crazy to even fathom that it's really been that long when it hasn't felt that long at all. he's taught me a whole bunch of great things. i've learned so much through him. and these are only the few daniel-isms that i collectively gathered, but for sure one of the best! so not only is this post for him, but for anyone who may not know him the way i do, learn through him. anyone who's seeking some type of advice, wether it be for their own relationships with their significant other or even with friends, hopefully this can help you out in whatever you may be going through! 

  • give them space. 
there are tons and tons of times when i come home from work or from going out that all daniel would tell me is "why don't you have some 'me' time? get settled down and call me whenever you're done." i cannot thank him enough! i don't like to think of myself as being a selfish person, but when it comes to "me" time, i'd take as much as i can. and having him selflessly offering it to me lifts weight off my shoulders and allows me to let go of the stress that i gone through throughout the day and just breath a little.

  • take turns in sharing interests with each other. 
there's not much you can do when it comes to being in a long distance relationship. so instead of like what most relationships are when sharing hobbies or interests with each other, we get each other into movies or t.v. shows instead haha. daniel and i have probably had a million skype dates that consisted of watching a movie or a show. sometimes you don't wanna watch whatever movie or show or do an activity that they chose. but when it really means that much to them or to you, that sacrifice is soo worth it. it really shows that they make a true effort into wanting to be as interested as you are to whatever you're interested in. it makes you feel valued even more.

  • recognize what's wrong and act on it. 
when doing so i can tell you for sure that recognizing when your significant other is feeling down or upset, it shows that not only do you have their back but that you will turn their world upside down and make them feel better. there have been times when daniel caught me in a horrible mood, but because he didn't budge or leave me alone (although alone time is much needed sometimes too!) when he recognized that something was wrong, i felt complete comfort through his concern. empathy is key.

  • do silly things.
i think when you do silly things for each other, to make each other laugh, you add that quirkiness to your relationship. a kind of insider that only you two understand. it also allows you not to take your relationship too seriously. it's suppose to be fun too. having your significant other be your best friend are the biggest perks. ever.

  • swallow your pride and forgive instantly.
i don't know how he does it. and this is a quality that i am terrible at and want to steal from him lol but seriously, forgive instantly. i notice that when we argue (mainly cause sometimes im a brat and continue arguing with him lols) daniel forgives me right away. there is so much love when doing so. and it's so humbling when someone forgives you for something that was not their fault in the first place. what's even more humbling is apologizing instantly when you noticed that you were the wrong one. which is incredibly hard to accept or admit. asking for that forgiveness really shows that you're putting away your pride and putting your focus on wanting to make that person happy.  sometimes it's not even about who was right or wrong, but about swallowing your pride and moving onto what's really important. when that happens i realize that in an instant i no longer feel angry or annoyed or whatever i was feeling. i feel loved.

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