So tonight i got in the groove of listening to my favorite musicals and watching one particular musical that i will never hate on youtube (Legally Blonde). yes i know, a little lame of me. but theirs so much funk to it, i love it. well after an hour of  searching the internet for the only proof of me in my high school musical, Hairspray, i finally found the video here !!! some reason i can't show the actual video on here which is sad. but the link would be just fine. i'm the one dancing her little heart out in green on stage. tried doing some of the moves again and it hit me that i can still remember it, slightly. but i miss it! i miss being in that 'musical' and drama stage (literally).

when i was in 8th grade, i think that was the first time i got out of my shell and decided to try out acting for the fun of it. little did i know that i would have been blessed with one of the most inspirational teacher. she taught us to be fearful, to love what we did, to stand up for not only ourselves but for other people. she taught us not to be ashamed when being on stage. she taught us that when we're given a character we need to focus and become that character. mrs. cochran was amazing and i can never forget the art of being an actor through her.

if only theatre can be easier to get back into. i feel like in an alternate life i woulda chosen theatre!

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