I'm starting a weekly (hoping for a more occasional) review on the little baubles and things that I've bought within the recent week! (Hence "occasional" review cause I clearly have a shopping problem and my close friends can attest to that...) I'm really excited about posts like this cause I get asked all the time by friends or co workers about where I get the majority of my stuff from. So sharing and spreading the word hopefully is helpful to someone! 

Let's start off with eating cake for breakfast! 
Kate Spade Word to the Wise Francis Bag
Kate Spade is known for their online surprise sales, so when my best friend texted me about it I right away stuffed it into my cart. I don't normally do that, especially online. And usually I contemplate a lot about buying things that are well above my budget. But I have been eyeing this bag from the get go. I'm really happy with it too! I'm more of a tote kinda girl so I love the quirkiness that this bag brings as an everyday kinda tote! 

Old Navy Flats
I just had to get these cause of the chic bows on the tip of the toes! Pointed flats are my weakness. Well flats in general are my weakness. Old Navy always have good go-to flats that are still very affordable and stylish! I bought them on sale for like $18! Not shabby for an everyday flat. 

Target Necklace 
I was in search for a JCrew necklace look alike and stumbled upon this cute little trinket from Target! I love the tint of pastel coloring on the gems and how polished it would look on a simple tee or a plain black dress. This one too is $18

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