^^ i don't think i can get tired of that view. ever.^^ 
^^ yeah, my tastebuds were thanking me after gobbling that dish up^^

^^my man+full stomachs+holding my yellow umbrella= life can't get any better^^

We literally walked outta that restaurant making an oath to eachother that eating there would be a tradition for the both of us! We loved everything about the California Grill. The view of the Magic Kingdom at sunset was breathtakingly beautiful. I had already gone there for my parents' anniversary but since Daniel was here for a short weekend, I thought bringing him there would make his stay more meaningful. And it did! 

Since we don't go on many dates, we decided to go all out on this one. We were coming from Hollywood Studios and Epcot so we were in "theme park attire". California Grill is casual attire, but since it was a date, we wanted to get all fancy! He went out of his way to wear a blazer, white button down, and dress pants for me. It was the sweetest thing ever! 

 On my last post about this place,  which you can find here , our good friend Josh, whipped us up with an appetizer that he made just for the two of us! Off the menu too! Say what?! It was mouthwatering. And there was so much effort put into it. Here's his explanation of the appetizer he made for us:
"Chicken spinach dip deconstructed. Roast chicken roulade w/ mushroom duxelle filling on cherrywood smoked bacon and spinach. Black truffle mornay sauce, beech mushroom, fried marinaded artichokes, tomato concasse. Micro herbs and fried rosemary, Parmesan crisp."  
couldn't have worded it better myself than expressing the taste of this amazingness with one word: legendary. Thank you sooo much for hooking it up for us Josh! 

Honestly everything we had, even the water (which Daniel thought was holy lol), was luscious. Only positive vibes were going on in that environment, it just reflected off everyone and everything. We seriously recommend this place when going on dates. It's pretty pricey, but the price can't compare to a stunning night out with your boo.  

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