^^ eyeballing that really hard right now...^^
^^ "im tired of this" say's the sushi chef lol ^^ 
^^ cantaloupe tossing ^^ 

The weather all day Sunday was something Florida needed for a very long time. Since March haha. So it called for a picnic! Every April and October of the year a conference is held in Salt Lake City Utah called General Conference and it's broadcasted and recorded all throughout the world so members can watch it in their meeting houses, home, work, or on their mobile devices. Because accidentally falling asleep at home while it's on is a usual, we go to the church all dressed in Sunday's best and watch it there instead. 

Last April we kinda sort of started a tradition where bringing food and hanging out in between sessions was a must. This time around I brought a cantaloupe, Lacy brought a homemade fresh salsa dip for her chips, Madelyne brought tuna salad, and Josh made stacks and stacks of sushi again! We laid out under the tree by our church's yard in that 75-himid-free-degree weather, chowing down on our food and throwing/catching cantaloupe pieces into each others mouthes. It was splendid.

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