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Kate Spade's new coffee table book! It's really sweet and fancy. I adore that it's a hard cover book and that the words on the front cover are a shiny gold emboss. There are some really neat inspirations within the pages that makes me really really miss New York. 

pearl necklace
As much as I'd love for this necklace to be even a little real, it's not. But that's okay! The first time I wore it two ladies have asked me if it were from my job, and were surprised when I had said they're from Charlotte Russe! So plus for it looking real and plus for it to be as light as a feather and plus for it being only 5 bucks! 

flamingo necklace 
I admire anything with animals on them. And i've been looking for a shirt or dress with flamingos on them. So coming to anything close to a flamingo, especially since it was only a dollar, I had to grab my hands on it. I got it from Forever21, and it was paired along with a palm tree necklace too.

red bow headband 
If it were only chilly enough here in Florida for me to wear this headband as a coverup for my ears. But all is well. It's still pretty chic wearing it, just a little tight after a few hours. -Forever21

polkadot wrislet 
sooo sooo sooo helpful! When I'm stepping outta the house for a quick getaway, this light wristlet that can only fit my wallet flap, phone, and keys is way better than carrying a giant bag that would only contain my necessary wallet flap, phone, and keys. At first I thought it being so small and dainty I would leave it somewhere and forget about it, but cause it's on my wrist the entire time I'm out, no worries at all. Sometimes I forget its even there. 

chevron bangle 
Cause I mean f21 was having an extra 30% off clearance sale and it came down to $2....

kate spade bangle: london calling 
Although the size of the bangle is ginormous, I'm wanting to collect bangles with cute sayings engraved in them. Inside this Kate bangle it say's "Paint the Town Red". Loving the quirkiness of Kate forreal. 

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