hello 2015!


happy new year lovely people! this past year has been truly something. naturally on new years eve, coming down to counting down towards the new year, i reminisce over the past year.  and i think for me it has been of the best years yet! i didn't leave any regrets this year. this year i've been more adventurous. i've grown in ways that i never thought i would within a year. this past year i've made close friendships, i've grown closer to family, i've been happier and happier within my own relationship. i've learned to forgive easily, to move on quickly. i've learned to love more and appreciate life better. i've gone through my own weaknesses and trials this year, and it was rough for me. but i cannot be more grateful for them because i've learned so much from them. thank you 2014, you have been extra good to me! i cannot wait to see what this next year has in store! knowing that i'll be serving a mission this coming month i know that it'll be a year full of adventure and joy! cheers!

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