General Conference!


^^ these sweet people right here kept singing hymns while people were protesting agains't the church. it was beautiful.^^
^^ this lady's outfit though! yes. yes. yes. ^^

Conference was awesome! I'm definitely watching it again to take better notes haha. it's quite amazing to be in a room full of members from all walks of life, and to stand in front of modern day prophets, seers, and revelators. i now understand how they must feel whenever they look out into the conference center and not only thank those who gathered there, but also thank those who join in via internet or television broadcast. i panned that giant room from the very tippity top of the balcony where we were seated and was overwhelmed by the possible millions of people feeling of the spirit of conference outside of the conference room throughout the world. now that is amazing. excited for the next one already to come in 6 months! 

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