adventures to zion


^^ totally not a hiking outfit, but we managed to do the wimpy hiking trails haha. good thing Zion aint' goin' anywhere! ^^
^^ my parents!^^
^^ my dad picked up this walking stick on the way and wanted to take it home with him lol ^^

since we were driving down to Vegas from Utah, we decided to check out Zion's National Park on the way because why not?! and i am definitely doing it again because it needs to be an all day kinda thing (next time definitely wearing the hiking gear haha). it was absolutely breathtaking, and we were just on the bottom of the park! we hiked to the Weeping Rock (which is only a half-mile) and Big Bend (which has a way better view from on top but we didn't get a chance to hike it due to time). i get why this place is called Zion. it's crazy to think how we actually live in the world that we do. it's been beautifully orchestrated together for our delight. wow, just wow. 

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