^^thank goodness for these hammocks because ya girl didn't bring her bathing suit^^
^^this. is. a. real. pumpkin.^^
^^the best buffet EVER. like, i'm drooling just looking at this...^^
^^and these sweets though. there was a lovely corner full of them! couldn't help but take almost one of each of em'^^

i'm not very much of a gambler or a partier, but Vegas was still pretty fantastic. we still got to do a lot! walked the strip (which may not be the best for a return missionary haha, but still an experience), eat at a delicious buffet at the Cosmopolitan, went resort hopping, checked out the fountains dance at the Bellagio, and checked out the Jabbawocckeez at the MGM (16 year-old me was freaking out)!
the Vegas lights were probably my all time favorite. the city girl in me finds solace in bright night lights haha. 

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