a schpeel on backpacks and turtle necks.


top & skirt & shoes: Forever21; backpack: kate spade new york  

two things i thought i'd never wear on a regular day basis (if you asked me 5 years ago): a turtle neck and a backpack. however, this turtle neck reminds me of Audrey Hepburn (so, why not?!), it's an easy throw-on, matches anything, and i can either stretch out the neck part of the sweater or shorten it (which i prefer since i have a small neck as is). and backpacks are making a come back again! the great thing about this backpack, other than it being a pretty ballet slipper pink, is that i can definitely see myself wearing this a couple years down the road. now, if you were to ask me in 5 years if i'd wear a fanny pack, i'd probably still pass on that lol. 

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