it's okay to not do it all.


i think when i returned from my mission i felt like i can tackle the world. or that i can handle pretty much everything that was thrown at me because i was better organized, better prepared. when you're on a mission, you're used to setting a schedule. planning where to go at what time. prepping a mental and physical to-do list and backup plans if they don't work out. accomplishing a lot because you're relying a lot of your hopes, trust, and basically everything you got on God because it was His work that you were doing. 

when i came home, i still had this programmed in my head. it's not a bad thing per say, but it almost drove me insane haha. i was wanting to get everything accomplished that i had set a goal for mentally in my head (and these goals were lifetime goals, which can't be accomplished over night haha).  and at the time it was a lot (also adding on the transition to being home again... oyyy lol). i was strolling emotionlessly on my instagram feed, when i stumbled upon something that brought a lot of relief, and reality.

^^ this. ^^

it's okay to not do it all. it's okay to fail cause that' how we can learn to be better, to try harder when the next opportunity arises. it's okay to take a moment to breathe and to do your best.

yeah i could do hard things. and sometimes those hard things entail the reality of not being able to do it all. and that is totes okay!! it's okay to set goals. and sometimes for those goals we need to set backup plans. and that is okay. this brought a lot of relief to me because a lot of stress that i placed upon my shoulders, lifted. it was an "aha" moment. it was a moment where i realized the value of our decisions, and how one choice leads to another. i chose not to tackle everything at once and go step by step. trusting and having faith that what i'm doing is the right thing, especially if the result is right or good.   

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