good morning 2017.



i want this year to be full of adventure and taking advantage of opportunities. i was 2 seconds away from not getting up at 4 in the morning and passing off the opportunity to watch the first sunrise of 2017 by just staying in my warm bed by my sleepy doggies. BUT it's 2017. and it's the first sunrise for a new year! 
i've never felt so grateful for a new year. a new palette of endless chances to take. like, holy cow yes! it was more than just watching the sun rise. it was (and yes im getting a little mushy here) watching the possibilities that this new year can bring. having the hope for this new year to be a better year. it was about mentally and spiritually setting goals for yourself to grow and to be a better you. my heart is full for the infinite chances we have to start over. alright ending the mushy-ness here.
2017, i can already feel like you're gonna be the best year yet. thank you for existing. 

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