something simple.


over the years i've been feeling like my style has been changing. lately when i'm shopping, i'll spot something that i feel like i can rock, but know that i'll only wear it a couple of times because it's too loud of a piece. i feel like i'm leaning towards more on the comfortable side of fashion, but still have that pop of something different whether it be a pattern or color. i've always dressed up according to my mood anyway, and that fluctuates on the daily. and on this day i wanted to wear something more airy, comfy, and different.  

also to join me, daniel got all dressed up to, and without me asking him to! so proud girlfriend moment over here. 

i'm wearing: 
top- tj maxx
bottoms- super old, can't remember the name of the store
sandals- ross 
bag- kate spade 

he's wearing:
top- jcrew
blazer- perry ellis 
bottom- most likely american eagle
shoes- uhh.. im not so sure lol 

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