later gator.


last week we had the chance to spend a birthday for one of my sweet friends! and she chose to celebrate it by going kayaking! coolest way to do it too! so here are a few of our adventures! 

and to add to that, daniel and i had a little adventure of our own...
we had to leave the group early so i can make it to work on time. as we turned our kayak around, and went on our little merry way back to where we came from, we headed into an area that we didn't recognize. actually, daniel didn't recognize it, and i was distracted on my phone trying to give my work shift away (ugh). 

as we continued kayaking forward, going towards the edges of land (and sooo dumb of me for still being on my phone) out of alertness, daniel alarmed me that we were heading straight towards a 6 foot long ALLIGATOR!!! we were only 3 feet away from it, and out of panic i kept rowing... but rowing towards it. yes i know guys, my flight or flight is not to par and I WOULD be the first one to die in a horror movie because of it. as we approached the gator (cause you know i was rowing as fast as I can -___- ) it dived straight into the water and splashed us with it's tail and swam to the other side of the river. thankfully we came out okay. but because where we rowed into was a dead end, we still had to pass the gator that was now on the other side of that river. we silently and speedily rowed out of the little grove and just couldn't believe our luck. 

so lesson learned: if texting and driving shouldn't be a thing, texting and rowing shouldn't either... especially in florida. 

also, other lesson learned: sometimes you'll only have .3 seconds to react in dangerous situations... i'm gonna need to work on that. 

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