pure magic.


years of friendship, and it's like nothings changed at all!
this family guys. i can't. 
they added some pretty designs to the Purple Wall! i'm feelin' it Disney. 
seriously one of the best rides. 
dangerous tip: i actually love riding this ride with the lap bar loose enough for me to stand up a bit. it makes things that more exciting.

so precious. 
we span this tea cup so fast that once it stopped, Joycie almost fell out of it lolol
my heart was throwin' confetti all day for just being around these people. 
last one's at Magic Kingdom and we got to dance to Pixar's UP! pure bliss. 

i feel so fortunate to have Disney World right in my back yard, while thousands of people travel from the other side of the world to go! and even then, I still get excited for planned Disney Days! we were the last guests at Magic Kingdom!! i've stayed there till it was empty once before, but never been the very last guests there. it was an honor lol.

but it's definitely my favorite time of day at Disney. you're so used to the crazy crowds and the loud noises. but we waited out the crowds of people by having a really late dinner on the lawn in front of the castle (the most relaxing and secluded thing to do ever as the park is closing) and enjoyed each others company with the great view. and if you give it about an hour to an hour and half after the park's closing hours, the park get's a little more empty as the time goes on and it's just pure magic and bliss. 

we had good friends move back and visit FL and it was the greatest ever. we all kind of grew up with each other the past couple of years, and being able to be together again was as if nothing's changed at all. i just feel so grateful that friendships exist and can last 10 and 20+ years. 

in all honesty, i can still see us have these planned Disney Days with a couple kids down the line, and maybe even when we're in our 70's. these people are keepers.  

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