a trip around the sun.


dear 25 y/o Marizette, 

thankyou for being kind to yourself. 
thank you for splurging on facial products that make your skin feel extra smooth and glowy. 
thank you for trying spicier food even though it burns your tongue hardcore. 
thank you for recognizing the opportunities to grow rather than blaming your situation.
thank you for trying to be apologetic when it is your fault. 
thank you for allowing yourself to take risks even though it scares the heck outta you. 
thank you for saying "yes" to last minute decisions even though you had a "plan". 
thank you for recognizing your weaknesses and trying to accept them and perfect them. 
thank you for being a little more adventurous. 
thank you for making terrifying plans with Daniel and having faith in all you do together. 
thank you for being a little more forgiving towards yourself and towards others. 
thank you for taking things too seriously, then realizing your taking things too seriously and then the heck with everything lol.  
thank you for trying to be a better daughter. 
thank you for following that gut feeling. 
thank you for going to Disney almost every chance you got before your annual pass expired. 
thank you for traveling to MN with your sister. 
thank you for being vulnerable and allowing yourself to experience growing pains. 
thank you for having a little more fun than usual.
thank you for taking opportunities to have fun! 
thank you for trying your best to be more empathetic. 
thank you for speaking your mind. 
and thank you for all the good and the bad things you've learned and experienced! 

now, 26, let's have more fun! 

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