honeymoon in italy part 1: rome


our first pasta in rome, and it was no bueno. we had a rough first day in italy. our airbnb was terrible, in a dusty basement with little to no air circulation. on top of that the air that was in the airbnb smelled moldy. the area we were staying at was in the south part of rome and was basically covered in graffiti. not really honeymoon-esque, but we were gonna deal with it because the airbnb was already paid for in full.

 we got back that night after getting completely lost in their metro system and cable car AND a yucky dinner, we sat in that basement recognizing that the air was even worse, looked at each other and really felt like we didn't deserve this  for a honeymoon. we googled some fancy hotels in the central part of rome,  packed our bags, and dipped. there was much thought to what we were experiencing and what we were gonna settle with. also much thought to how much money we were gonna spend too! but i look back in our entire trip and i don't think i'll ever forget those little moments of desperation and vulnerability. 

we got to our fancy hotel, checked in, spoke to a guest in the elevator who happened to be a priest from Utah, who also felt the need to say a little prayer with us and bless us on our honeymoon (super super cute), opened the doors to our hotel room, and jumped on the bed! upon putting our bags down, i also stumbled upon a sweet little card on our desk that read "breathe easy". such a sweet tender mercy. in everything that i try to do, i try to get confirmation from God like "is this okay to do?" or "are we gonna be okay spending all this money?!" after the little signs or relief, booking the hotel was exactly where we needed to be. and we slept in till 12pm the next day! soooo worth. 

somethin' about the bread and olive oil in italy, man. so deliciousssss. 

we're so used to seeing replicas of things, especially because we go to disney a lot and everything there is such a great representation of the real thing. so being in front of the "real thing" was crazy. i mean, to know that these pieces of architecture have witnessed different people and different time periods, and remains standing, just crazy! rome is such an old city, but even if the world moves on in time and even technology, the roots of what rome is and was is still prominent all over the city. 
whenever i could, and honestly whenever i had the room for it, i would always always always get gelato. there's just something different about it in italy. it's a lot creamier and their flavors are more natural and fresh. go to gelato: pistachio and chocolate hazelnut. just. yum.   

after dinner that night, this cute little car pulled up and i just about died at how little it was. 
daniel loved the vibe at the spanish steps so much. on top of the steps, there was a man and his guitar just jamming out to italian and american songs. the crowd seated around him were singing along, and it was just a good representation of rome! 

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