honeymoon in italy part 2: adventure to capri


we only got to spend a couple hours in the island before taking the ferry back in time for a train back to rome, so we spent majority of our time in the port of the island. BUT we also had a boat tour around the island, so technically we saw the entirety of capri on boat! which was beautiful! 


the water was truly that blue. it was crazy. 

the bluest of waters. 

these lemons were freakin' huge. 

 a beach full of rocks!

yummiest limoncello of them all. 

what an adventure, even just getting to the island was. we've never really traveled abroad before (other than me going to the philippines, but that's different). we were slowly figuring out what kind of travelers we are haha. but getting to the island was a trip. i've youtubed other people's experiences on getting to capri and they made it seem so effortless. "all you gotta do is take the train to napoli (which is only 15 eauros), hop on the ferry thats right outside the train station on the port, then its an hour ferry ride to the island!" 
but no. our experience was more like this:
- got to the termini station 
- spent like 100 euros on a one-way ticket 
- were bombarded by "workers" (who looked like regular pedestrians because they were just wearing regular clothes, not even a uniform or lanyard) asking us if we needed help, but honestly had the mindset that they were gonna rob us instead after hearing all of the horrible stories of americans getting robbed in europe lol. 
- got to napoli, only to find that we had to take another train to get to the freakin port. so trying to find that train was another adventure. don't forget adding the language barrier factor into everything we're doing. 
- got out of the train station then trying to search for the ticket office by the port. which sounds like an easy thing but was actually the hardest part because we were pointed towards an array of buildings to where one of them was the ticket office. 
- then an hour long boatride, but it was so nice being able to relax and enjoy the breeze. 
- and finally, at the island!

i don't mind doing it all over again though! next time, next time. 

and here was us back in rome for our last dinner. and ofcourse we had to end it with a giant pizza made up of 4 different flavors. it was probably the yummiest pizza i've ever had. 

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