my new year goals


goals are my favorite things. i constantly write goals on a day-to-day basis in my planner, at work on receipt paper when i'm bored, it's kind of obsessive. & with 2020 here, i thought sharing my personal goals will ground me more to them and inspire someone to make and set goals too! & trust me, i'm not the best at keeping them, i always want to take that sip of soda or eat that cookie after telling myself that i need to cut it, but regardless of that it's always nice to stop and restart after messing up. i'm all about refining here, we'll get there together. 
take advantage of my camera more
i have our dream camera, and we barely take advantage of it because we're babies and don't wanna carry the beast around. we also haven't gotten the lens that we prefer yet ontop of the lack of knowledge i have on how to work with the settings (good thing the hubby knows, he's a wonderful instagram husband that's for sure) but i'm getting there! this includes "learning how to use adobe lightroom and presets" as a sub-goal too.

take opportunities to say "yes" to traveling 
i have plans ALREADY to travel to 4 different places this year! planning it towards the end of 2019 was so exhilarating. most of them are mere thoughts of traveling to those destinations, but that's just the start of it, and then writing them out on my planner and looking up the cost of flights makes it all the more real.

cut soda & limit sweets at home
i really don't drink a lot of soda, but when we go out to eat and my hubby wants coke, i take a sip here and there, thus i want to cut it completely! same thing with sweets (except not cutting that completely, sorry i love chocolate way too much). so i'll start with limiting sweets at home, to no sweets at home, but still treating myself when we're out! i'm getting older, and i've noticed that after consuming those things it makes my stomach all pudgy for a few days as if it's been chilling there till it's ready to move out, and that's no bueno for me. fingers crossed my hubby will follow too haha.

double our savings & pay off debt
i've devised a plan to increase our savings! the last 6 months of being married i've noticed that our money is going to bills, food, etc (obv) and we're not investing or saving it, even if it were just 10 bucks here or there. in that case, our savings is not growing and have become stagnant. i also want to pay off the debt i have. it's not a lot, but they just need to go. 

& other goals that need attention too but don't need much explaining:

  • more disney days 
  • service opportunities 
  • become more of a "gift giver" 
  • write letters (i'm gonna really try with this one)
  • enhance my creative outlets 
  • blog mooooreeee (yo, this is my constant struggle)

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