New Years Eve


this year for new years eve we celebrated differently compared to other years. it's filipino culture to stay home and introduce the new year, collect 12 (or more) different round fruits that symbolize prosperity and fortune, turn on all the lights in the house, and fill bowls with rice and money. my mom still laid out the fruits and rice and money on the table, but we broke tradition this year and went out while the ball dropped instead of staying home lol.

my best friend invited us to watch a balloon drop at the Hyatt hotel this year! they hold a bunch of balloons all the way up to the ceiling of the lobby (which is ab out 18 stories or so high), and then drop them at the time of the count down! it was something totally different and fun! we also danced and took a ton of photos in the freezing cold (50 degrees for us floridians is freezing cold lol).

i hope everyone was able to ring in the new year with high hopes and full of love and gratitude! happy happy 2020!

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