a letter to 26


not gonna lie, ever since i've turned 26 i've been mentally telling myself "i am 27". am i the only one?! maybe it's because i am slowly accepting the fact that i am heading to the "late twenties" phase of life and am not ready for it. but whatever, i am here and ready for it more than ever since i've been preparing for it this past year lol! 

26, the golden birthday.
the year i married my best friend. 
the year i got to travel to Paris and Italy. 
the year i moved out. 
the year i ended my semester with a 4.0 gpa taking 4 classes (which i'm never able to do, but i did it!) 
the year i planned a wedding, attended school, and worked all at the same time trying to maintain a social life (cheers for doing all that too!)
the year i've been the most financially stable. 

26, the year we introduced our sweet yellow-lab, Friday, to our family 
the year we got our first apartment. 
the year i took a semester off to enjoy a honeymoon & newlywed life. 
the year full of faith and fear as a result from COVID19. 
the year i've gained the most weight, but also the year i'm most motivated to be healthier! 
the year i learned of my profound love for Star Wars.

26, the year i cut my hair short (again) 
also the year of wanting to grow my hair out again. 
the year i learned of the type of wife/mother i aspire to be.
the year i continue to recognize the value of friendships and family. 
the year of constant car concerts and break-out dancing in the apartment. 

26, you were oh so good to me. 
& now, here comes TWENTY-SEVEN, and all it's glory. i promise i won't think about 28 until i get there! 

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