the month of may


no real excuse for getting all dressed up just to go on a walk other than these pretty tulips, the goal i made to use our camera more, and just being tired of looking like a hot mess all the time. these last couple weeks have been challenging. not because we were advised to stay inside to slow down the curve of COVID19 (we've been very lucky and grateful for our means and to have a roof over our heads),  but because of all the unfortunate things happening to the world and it's people all the while being safe at home. i have felt helpless these past few weeks and at the same time full of gratitude for those fighting this virus head on and faith as we continue to hope and pray for good things to come. 

may this be a reminder that there is good coming. there is a lot of despair, a lot of unplanned things headed our way or even things we are currently experiencing,  but I know (and this is a reminder for me too) that as we are resilient, hopeful, and positive, there is something to be learned and taken to make us better human beings, either for ourselves or for others. there is so much beauty to learn from adversity. 

grateful for this month of may (other than it being my birth month, it's seriously the best month lol). the month came in with good vibes, crisp air, and an energy i feel like we've all been needing. 

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