a weekend in sarasota: sunday



we spent our last few hours in Sarasota by staying put in the hotel! we were pretty serious when we set our alarms the night before about waking up early enough to be the only ones at the pool, and we did it! the pool opens at 7:30 and check out was at 11 so we had the time to enjoy what we had left of the hotels amenities. it was surreal having the pool and jacuzzi all to ourselves cause it was pretty occupied since we got there. it was another sunny day at Sarasota, we really lucked out with how perfect the weather was during our visit. 

after soaking in the hotel for the last few hours, having a mini photo shoot in our room, and promising we'd come back again to visit, we headed out to find brunch before heading back home! because it was mothers day, a lot of brunch spots were crazy busy. we drove around and found this little spot called The Overton. daniel had some stake and eggs and cinnamon toast (a little overpriced for the amount he got if you ask me) and i went for a good old french toast topped with berries and banana and had a side of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice! 

we're so grateful for this chance to travel when we can and feel safe by doing so, especially when places we visit are serious about COVID safety guidelines. we're also realizing how much we love to get away and travel the more we do it! so here's to more travel days to come!

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