a weekend in sarasota: saturday


    the john & mable ringling museum of art

james turrells' skyspace, just wow

the ringling museum was literally down the street from the hotel, and luckily on the weekend of mothers day the museum wasn't crowded at all! luck was definitely on our side that morning cause when we got to the ticketing booth, the lady at the desk told us someone paid for a ticket already and she used it on us! we got to tour the entire museum on one of the clearest days ever. everything displayed was vibrant and colorful, the estate was well kept, we learned a whole bunch about the greatest show on earth, and it was interesting to find baroque styles and architecture in florida.

but the highlight of the museum visit was walking into James Turrells' Skyspace. as we opened the doors into the room, I was overwhelmed with how quiet, empty, and peaceful the space was. i stood speechless as I walked toward the skyspace, thinking the opening in the middle of the room was an imitation of the sky outside, but immediately found out that it was the sky itself! there was something artistic about the space that moved me. we just sat in that room for a few minutes, enjoying its stillness. i haven't felt that much immediate calmness in a long time. i'll go back to that museum just to spend more time in that room if i can. 

    sunset at siesta key 


they're not wrong for saying that this is the number one beach in the United States! i do have to say, the water was a little too cold for our liking. we jumped in only to jump out 7 minutes later lol. but, we did love the sand! usually at the beach everyone complains about the sand; how hot it is and how it gets everywhere. but no, this sand was different. it was cold! and it came right off! so there we were just hanging out on the sand; daniel laying down next to me while i exfoliated my skin with the chilly sand! 

a highlight of this trip to the beach was one of my sweet husband. we've been together since 2006, so when i learn something new about him, i kind of make a big deal about it because i feel like i already know everything about this man. he invited me to lay next to him, after i told him how i didn't like how busy it was at the beach that day, and told me that whenever he visits a beach he likes to just lay down on the sand and stare at the sky as if he were falling right into it. but the reason he lays and stares at the sky is to drown everyone out that's there at the beach, like if he were alone enjoying the beach all to himself. so there we were, laying on the sand, staring at the sky, and drowning everyone out. it was so peaceful for those few minutes of it being just us at the number one beach in the country. 

   dinner at Napule 

we ended that night having dinner at an italian restaurant called Napule! daniel had a steak, suasage, and lamb dish and i felt adventurous and tried fettuccine pasta with pistachio cream! we ate outside because it was beautiful weather, listening to the cars driving by, and daniel guessing what type of car it was lol. and for a moment we felt like we were some place other than florida! it was such a good day! super chill, laxed, and the weather was beautiful.

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