a weekend in sarasota: friday



we heard of the Kompose Hotel in Sarasota from our best friends who visited it when it just opened in the beginning of the year! daniel and i have stayed at a couple of hotels/AirBnb's since we've been married, and we have to agree that this one is probably one of the tops of our list! not only was it extremely clean, but the hotels prime goal is to provide affordable luxury to everyone! and that it was; super affordable and definitely luxurious. the staff was also really friendly and welcoming too!

we got to our hotel later than planned, and thankfully so because we ended up exploring it and all its details. i appreciated all the organic finishes; the concrete walls and ceilings, the vinyl wood flooring, the neutral color palette. heart eyes everywhere. i seriously kept asking daniel atleast once every hour for us to come back to visit just for the stay at the hotel. we miss it already!

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