something about graduating on may the fourth


it wouldn't be a COVID graduation without the hand sanitizer stand also part of the family photo lol 
my awesome family from the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia made it to my graduation as well! freakin' love technology for this!

if i graduated 5 years ago, graduating on a day like May the Fourth would probably mean nothing to me (since I wasn't a Star Wars fan then and didn't even watch any of the films till about 3 years ago). BUT maybe i needed to graduate in 2021 so that one of the slots for graduation fell on May the Fourth and what a great opportunity because now I actually love the franchise! 

this day was such. a. good. day. despite it being extremely hot (101 at one point), the day was really a special one. to start it off, we had reserved tickets to Hollywood Studios about a month before so we can go to Disney after graduation. and I was able to score us some passes to the Rise of the Resistance ride, which is almost impossible to get unless you reserve them at 7am to the second. but i got us some passes which made the day even more magical! 

after getting ready, we headed to graduation! and because of COVID, it was a drive-through graduation. i personally preferred it this way than the traditional way of graduating post COVID. we didn't have to wait 2 hours for my name to be called, my family got literal front row seats of me walking the stage in the comfort of their own car, and the entire process of us entering the drive-by que, receiving my cap and gown, walking on stage, and taking pictures was about 30 minutes! we were in and out! it was super special to also have some of my extended family and my mom on ZOOM during it all too! it was also a bit of a surprise as i was crossing the stage when they announced that i graduated as a Magna Cum Laude, despite the lady butchering my last name haha.  

then, my dad treated us with a quick brunch at the Briarpatch in Winter Park where my sister and hubby spoiled me with some super sweet gifts that i totally feel undeserving of but am so grateful for! now that i'm graduated, i'll only be juggling work, church, and social life, vs. work, church, social life, an internship, and school, so i'll finally have time for documenting and taking photos! with that said, daniel gifted me with a new 35mm lens (heart eyes) and a new 16" macbook (major heart eyes) so i can do what i love when it comes to documenting life!

we then changed into some lighter attire, headed to Hollywood Studios, and made it on time to ride Rise of the Resistance, enjoyed everyones Star Wars cosplay, and devoured the limited time only Star Wars treats under an umbrella! 

it was such a fun day. i felt so loved by everyones sweet greetings and text messages, felt so accomplished for graduating with honors, and my heart is so full that i learned so much about interior design and about perseverance during that season of life that it resulted into me getting a job! putting it into words can't compare to the amount of gratitude and relief i feel because of it. 

cheers to everyone accomplishing big and little things this week and everyday! you're doing the hard things and the results are and will be super sweet. 

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