two years married to you



i stumble typing this up and putting it all into words. the gravity of my gratitude towards you is hard to explain. i'm taken back two years ago to the morning of our wedding, as we drive together towards the temple, the last time we can be considered "single" and how excited and ready we felt to finally be linked together forever. i'm also taken back to the day i first saw you as my boyfriend, at the mall in Brooklyn, wearing your northface jacket and backpack, and my heart literally beating out of my chest. both scenarios are the same to me, and my heart still beats out of my chest when i think of you or of us.  

year two with you; i'm learning new things about you. you become my best friend more and more everyday. i see the type of dog dad you are with our Friday and it makes me excited to see the type of father you will be to our children one day. i see the type of friend you are towards others and its gravitating. i see the care you have towards your family. your goals and determination moves you and i can see your growth from it. i love you. thank you for choosing us and making me laugh everyday. you make life so full. 

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