our digital christmas card


i've been meaning to make a christmas card, but let's hope that 2022 will be the year for that! 

merry christmas from our lil' fam! 

this year, I graduated with my bachelors in interior design. i was hired at the residential firm i interned at, then decided to pursue the commercial side of the industry instead and don't regret it one bit! i pinch myself every now and then for the job i currently have and am so grateful. this year we also bought my first car, my dream mini cooper. with the help of my sweet husband who pushed me to feel deserving of it and helped motivate me to save for it, thank you. 

this year, daniel completed his cyber security program! he actually started and completed the program this year, and killed it. after a ton of grinding and persistence, he landed a job at a cyber security company and got recognition for having the highest score of their company-wide exam! he doesn't work from home anymore, but that just means we can have lunch dates since we now only work 10 minutes away from each other! 

this year, friday turned 2! she also learned how to communicate with us through her recordable buttons. she's a great running buddy, loves to kiss daddy more than me, and still hates to cuddle BUT will allow cuddles first thing in the mornings. she's been a trooper being independent as we are now both gone most of the day because of work, but thankfully she isn't alone since she has her lolo and lola with her! 

we both had the chance to travel a lot this year; Sarasota, St. Pete, Arizona, New York, and Miami. amongst all the great things also came the difficult. this year we lost my aunt  in the summer and my dear lola in October. both passings have made me reflect more on their lives and the impact they've had on me. i know we will see them both again. 

our hearts are with those who are celebrating or grieving this holiday season. i'm grateful for this time of year that we can reflect more on the birth of Jesus Christ and the hope He brings. 

we hope you have a merry christmas dear friends! 

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