we had a lot of blessings in 2021; graduating, settling into our careers that we are passionate about, buying my first car, the list goes on. i also feel like i tapped into a part of myself that dealt with some mental anxieties, self doubt, and hopelessness that i did not like but continues to steer me to a happier and healthier direction.  

i think the new years holiday has to be one of my favorites because the chance to look back and see the growth accomplished and the trials endured paired with the hopeful future ahead has to be the most humbling and refreshing thing. i'm a big goal getter. i feel like goals really push and motivate me to accomplish that one set thing. each year daniel and i break down our goals into charts that include categories like: career, financial, spiritual, family, social, physical, and intellectual. it's a lil excessive, i know. but i love looking back and seeing the things i checked off that list from previous years and create new goals to focus on for the year. 

so here's to treating ourselves with love, forgiveness, and to have a ton more fun this year! checking things off on our goals list, or not checking anything at all and just be still taking it all in and making decisions that will make us happier, healthier, and kinder human beings. i feel it deep in my bones that 2022 will be a year full of good. i hope the same for everyone else <3 

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