a visit to a boneyard.

^^ forever reppin' new york though ^^
^^ my favorite spot cause of all the pastel colors ^^ 

because i don't really live a "Vegas life" at all, i thought checking out this little spot would the be perfect thing to do! the Neon Boneyard was pretty poppin'! here they've collective over the years variousVegas signs that date all the way back to the 1930's. only 7 of them still light up, but the colors and bulbs of the signs still give them life. it was neat to listen to the tour guide and read the brochure of some of the major signs and their history. however, every single sign in that boneyard has it's own story to tell. most of them have probably been there from the very beginning witnessing celebrities, contrasting fashion era's, resorts being torn down to be built anew, and all different kinds of people visiting in on the fun. definitely coming back to this one. next time, at night to see them light up!


Grand Canyon love.

^^climbed down from up there! nearly gave my parents a heart attack, but my sister and i wanted some adventure^^
^^saw this guy as soon as i said that we had not seen wildlife at all that day. BAM. wildlife.^^

how was a place like this ever sculpted over time?! in real life?! the canyon just looked like it kept going and going! it was nice to have an overlook or an aerial view of the canyon compared to the view we had at Zion's National Park from the bottom. can't get over the sense of calmness and excitement felt on top of those rocks as the wind continually blows. you literally feel like you are on top of the world. 



^^thank goodness for these hammocks because ya girl didn't bring her bathing suit^^
^^this. is. a. real. pumpkin.^^
^^the best buffet EVER. like, i'm drooling just looking at this...^^
^^and these sweets though. there was a lovely corner full of them! couldn't help but take almost one of each of em'^^

i'm not very much of a gambler or a partier, but Vegas was still pretty fantastic. we still got to do a lot! walked the strip (which may not be the best for a return missionary haha, but still an experience), eat at a delicious buffet at the Cosmopolitan, went resort hopping, checked out the fountains dance at the Bellagio, and checked out the Jabbawocckeez at the MGM (16 year-old me was freaking out)!
the Vegas lights were probably my all time favorite. the city girl in me finds solace in bright night lights haha. 

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