Yay for DIY's

THANKYOU Design Love Fest for some super dooper awesome DIY's that I want to start doing now that the semester is over and I can relax for a bit. Here are some of the pics and links of the DIY's I'm excitedly interested in doing soon:

Happy 21 Anniversary ma and pops!

Well yesterday was their anniversary, but work, studying for finals, and going out to eat didn't allow me to blog at all about it. It was a fun day to celebrate my parent's marriage last night. Our busy schedules gave us the opportunity to have dinner. You know some people like to go to fancy restaurants like Cheesecake Factory or even Olive Garden, but my parents would rather pick Golden Corral (a buffet) lol. I personally can't do buffets cause I stack my first plate full of food then my tummy is too full for another plate. But my parents love it cause the food is unlimited. 

The night was full of laughs. Too loud and too much that the table over us kept staring haha. And my mom as wearing a ridiculous graphic-t that said the words "You Only Live Once". I don't think she knows where that came from. It was too funny and I just had to post it on instagram right away. 

Then my dad showed us a picture of him and his co-worker playing around with my colleges' balloons that they had for an event. My parents a priceless. 


good eats this week

Pumpkin Spiced Waffles: For FHE our counselors made us these scrumptious pumpkin waffles topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and a copy of a type of syrum that is very popular in a Utah restaurant (it was freakin delicious though). Definitely had the itis but it was so worth it. 

Raspberry Sorbet Frozen Yogurt: Okay, so every time I go to Menchies (a Frozen Yogurt cafe that my best friend works at) it never fails to get an original tart, filled with berries, strawberries, chocolate sprinkles, and some fruit poppers. But this time, Jess introduced me to some Rapberry Sorbet, and I just about fell in love. Its super tangy and sweet and I love that combination! I added some black berries, strawberries, mandarins, passion fruit poppers, and oatmeal. And got it only for $1.50! Perks of having a best friend work at a yogurt shop :]

To Do List for next month:

  1. Resist watching Iron Man3 when it comes out so you can watch it with Daniel
  2. Animal Kingdom day with Daniel for my birthday 
  3. Gather a whole bunch of cute decorations for the graduation/birthday party
  4. Save money!!!
  5. Cheesecake Factory (my most favorite restaurant) with Daniel 
  6. Shopping spree with Katrina
  7. Disney Day
  8. KeKe's Breakfast
  9. Prepare an awesome surprise for Daniel (still in the works) 


Close Minded Fashion

Recently I've been shopping and wearing the same things. Not necessarily the same item of clothing, but my fashion is very "close minded". Meaning I'm sticking to one type of look. I've forgotten how to play around with the clothes I have or the clothes I look at when I'm shopping. 

So I've come to a realization that I need to accept anything and make it work. I guess thats what Florida does to you though. In NY its so easy to dress out, mix and still match, and just play around with your clothes. In FL, you get that too, but its not as fashion forward as it is in the city. So I'm making it a challenge for me to be more stylish around this Spring season and enjoy all the cute fashion finds and accessories and to stop going for ONE look that I've seen on someone or on Pinterest and make it my own. It's funner that way right?!    


sweet words that warms my heart


What's been going on?!

  1. Dyed my hair red over the past month 
  2. Joined the gym again, just gotta find time to keep going.
  3. Been super busy with work and school, like always. But everything ends up falling together. 
  4. Got my temple recommend so I can do Baptisms.
  5. Re-organized my room and now I'm finally satisfied with it!
  6.  Obsessively planning things to do when Daniel comes next month.
  7. Got approved for my 2 week vacation to NY at work 
  8. Also got approved for my 4 day off at work for when Daniel comes next month :D

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