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Kate Spade's new coffee table book! It's really sweet and fancy. I adore that it's a hard cover book and that the words on the front cover are a shiny gold emboss. There are some really neat inspirations within the pages that makes me really really miss New York. 

pearl necklace
As much as I'd love for this necklace to be even a little real, it's not. But that's okay! The first time I wore it two ladies have asked me if it were from my job, and were surprised when I had said they're from Charlotte Russe! So plus for it looking real and plus for it to be as light as a feather and plus for it being only 5 bucks! 

flamingo necklace 
I admire anything with animals on them. And i've been looking for a shirt or dress with flamingos on them. So coming to anything close to a flamingo, especially since it was only a dollar, I had to grab my hands on it. I got it from Forever21, and it was paired along with a palm tree necklace too.

red bow headband 
If it were only chilly enough here in Florida for me to wear this headband as a coverup for my ears. But all is well. It's still pretty chic wearing it, just a little tight after a few hours. -Forever21

polkadot wrislet 
sooo sooo sooo helpful! When I'm stepping outta the house for a quick getaway, this light wristlet that can only fit my wallet flap, phone, and keys is way better than carrying a giant bag that would only contain my necessary wallet flap, phone, and keys. At first I thought it being so small and dainty I would leave it somewhere and forget about it, but cause it's on my wrist the entire time I'm out, no worries at all. Sometimes I forget its even there. 

chevron bangle 
Cause I mean f21 was having an extra 30% off clearance sale and it came down to $2....

kate spade bangle: london calling 
Although the size of the bangle is ginormous, I'm wanting to collect bangles with cute sayings engraved in them. Inside this Kate bangle it say's "Paint the Town Red". Loving the quirkiness of Kate forreal. 



^^ peek-a-boo Kreacher ^^ 
^^Weasley twins, you've done well.^^
^^ the colors in this place man! breath taking! ^^ 
^^ was in love with this little building ^^
^^ how on point is this Ukrainian Ironbelly?!!?! ^^  
^^ party of 13 for Butterbeer please! ^^
^^ except for this guy he wanted vanilla lol ^^

^^ legit. ^^

I may not seem like it, but I am a huge dork when it comes to Harry Potter. In second grade for my best friends birthday we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Thinking about it now, movie tickets back then were like 4 bucks!!! Anywho, ever since then I've fallen in love with the Harry Potter world. Read all the books, ordered J.K Rowlings Classic Books from the Hogwarts School during scholastic book fairs, played our own game of Quidditch during recess, acted out Prisoner of Azkaban scenes in my backyard with my best friends, and honestly it goes on and on and I don't wanna seem like an even bigger dork than I already am haha. 

So having the opportunity to have Harry Potter World right there is literally a blessing lol. Let me just tell you, the designers did such an incredible job!! In my opinion I think when it comes to set design Universal owns it way better than Disney. As we were walking into Diagon alley, my jaw dropped the entire time. You know that one scene in the first movie where Hagrid and Harry go through the brick wall in Leaky Cauldron? Well yeah they had that brick wall as the entrance to Diagon Alley. After passing that everything was just at awe. I wasn't even looking to where I was going cause I was so baffled by everything! It's crazy how something so small that originated from a book realistically transformed itself into reality. I really felt like I was a part of Harry Potter's world. I'm just gonna let the pictures (and soon video) speak for itself!   



^^ eyeballing that really hard right now...^^
^^ "im tired of this" say's the sushi chef lol ^^ 
^^ cantaloupe tossing ^^ 

The weather all day Sunday was something Florida needed for a very long time. Since March haha. So it called for a picnic! Every April and October of the year a conference is held in Salt Lake City Utah called General Conference and it's broadcasted and recorded all throughout the world so members can watch it in their meeting houses, home, work, or on their mobile devices. Because accidentally falling asleep at home while it's on is a usual, we go to the church all dressed in Sunday's best and watch it there instead. 

Last April we kinda sort of started a tradition where bringing food and hanging out in between sessions was a must. This time around I brought a cantaloupe, Lacy brought a homemade fresh salsa dip for her chips, Madelyne brought tuna salad, and Josh made stacks and stacks of sushi again! We laid out under the tree by our church's yard in that 75-himid-free-degree weather, chowing down on our food and throwing/catching cantaloupe pieces into each others mouthes. It was splendid.



^^ i don't think i can get tired of that view. ever.^^ 
^^ yeah, my tastebuds were thanking me after gobbling that dish up^^

^^my man+full stomachs+holding my yellow umbrella= life can't get any better^^

We literally walked outta that restaurant making an oath to eachother that eating there would be a tradition for the both of us! We loved everything about the California Grill. The view of the Magic Kingdom at sunset was breathtakingly beautiful. I had already gone there for my parents' anniversary but since Daniel was here for a short weekend, I thought bringing him there would make his stay more meaningful. And it did! 

Since we don't go on many dates, we decided to go all out on this one. We were coming from Hollywood Studios and Epcot so we were in "theme park attire". California Grill is casual attire, but since it was a date, we wanted to get all fancy! He went out of his way to wear a blazer, white button down, and dress pants for me. It was the sweetest thing ever! 

 On my last post about this place,  which you can find here , our good friend Josh, whipped us up with an appetizer that he made just for the two of us! Off the menu too! Say what?! It was mouthwatering. And there was so much effort put into it. Here's his explanation of the appetizer he made for us:
"Chicken spinach dip deconstructed. Roast chicken roulade w/ mushroom duxelle filling on cherrywood smoked bacon and spinach. Black truffle mornay sauce, beech mushroom, fried marinaded artichokes, tomato concasse. Micro herbs and fried rosemary, Parmesan crisp."  
couldn't have worded it better myself than expressing the taste of this amazingness with one word: legendary. Thank you sooo much for hooking it up for us Josh! 

Honestly everything we had, even the water (which Daniel thought was holy lol), was luscious. Only positive vibes were going on in that environment, it just reflected off everyone and everything. We seriously recommend this place when going on dates. It's pretty pricey, but the price can't compare to a stunning night out with your boo.  

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