top: F21; bottom: ? shoes: Old Navy; earrings: F21; bag: DD's Discount; watermelon phone case: Bethany Mota at Aeropostale 



top: Marshalls; skirt: Cititrends; necklace: F21 shoes: Guess

It's been a while since I've done one of these. But I wanted to get more done on my blog, so here's an outfit picture! Props to my sister for taking these for me, even though she was making fun of me the entire time, what evs. Thanks Joyce (you're probably gonna have to take more) thanks!

 I recently got hired to a new job. And guess where?! KATE SPADE! Never would I thought I'd have an opportunity of working there, but I'm pumped. Lately I've been steering my wardrobe more towards a Kate Spade look, which I adore. I haven't started working there yet, but I'm excited. I get to dress more girly and colorful. Ive been really laid back in my jeans and cardigan since working at GAP Outlet. I need skirts and floral shirts back in my life. So here it is! 



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^^this branch is one of the greatest examples of family. these people are my fave^^
^^these beautiful gals^^
The Ft. Lauderdale Temple was opened for an open house and temple tours from March 29 to April 19th. Anyone and everyone can attend. The YSA of the state of FL had a great opportunity to visit this beauty. And wow. What an experience it was to enter the House of the Lord. The weather was beautiful too. And being there with my branch made it all the better! I love to see the temple. 



^^appropriate iPhone advertisement + Lacy's hand makes a beautiful hand model^^
^^there was no way to edit this picture to make it even more beautiful than it already is. so I think it's appropriate to say, #nofilter^^
^^respect to this man right there. he was meditating and thanking God for his creation.it was beautiful to watch^^
^^ these girls are worth waking up for at 5 in the morning after only 2 hours of sleep^^

Other than visiting the temple, it was necessary to visit the beach and watch the sunrise. I've never witnessed the sunrise on the beach before, and it was definitely something. Something that didn't feel real, but the cool thing is, is that it was. It was breathtaking. And no camera or phone can amount to the pure bliss it was to witness those beams rise up from the waters. I'm so grateful to have watched it with these women who made it so peaceful and relaxing. Sitting on that sand and feeling that air just made me so grateful for the beauty of nature, for quiet time, for early mornings, for sight. 2 and a half hours 
of sleep got nothing on this. 

Also, props to Lacy for compiling a last minute list of things we would probably forget to pack for the weekend. She's pretty much a genius. If any of you guys plan a road trip anytime soon, majority of these things are essential to a successful weekend getaway:

"Because I don't want to hear "you should have told me" I'm going to take a moment and tell you. 1. Bring Beach wear 2. Bring Blankets/pillows 3.Bring church clothes for the temple on Saturday and for church Sunday... 4. Junk food 5. Happiness 6. Joy 7. Cash for paying Ashley for hotel. Approximately $50 per person but could be cheaper depending on how many gals crash. But no more than $50 each. 8. Cash for helping with gas 9. Food money 10. Your awesome selves 11. phone chargers 12. Tell your BF's that you're busy for the weekend and spending a joyous girls weekend and can't talk (text) all weekend!
I'm getting really really excited for this adventure! IF I forgot anything please add to the list!!!!!"


^^obviously Lacy packed just enough^^
^^the dudes crashed our dinner, by eating our left overs.^^
^^this is joel's "did you just eat my burger" face. im glad i got a picture of it. really glad haha^^
^^she's disgusted by feet if you couldn't tell. and we're there, peeing our pants because of it^^ 

I've been on road trips before, plenty actually. But this one was the first girls only road trip, and it was splendid! We had an awesome opportunity to attend the open house of the Ft. Lauderdale Temple. The car rides consisted of jamming out to musicals, doing the worst job ever at calling out the state troopers on i95, and story telling. The drive there was so fun, getting to know a lot more about everyone, girl talk, all that jazz. We got to the Marriott in a little over 2 hours, jumped on the beds, took selfies, and just relaxed cause the drive was too much for our butts. 

Dinner that night was a pain, literally. Went to Chili's but there was a game going on and the waiting was way too long for 6 hungry ladies. On the way out I hit my head on a pole. Why would anyone place those door poles in the middle of the doorway when both of those doors are intended to open entirely for people to walk through, I do not know. But I hit my cheek and glasses on it really hard that I could still feel it just a tad if I touch it. This was Friday night too. Then we drove over to Tijuana Flats. Got there at 10:05 and they closed at 10 on the dot. Ughh ughh ughh. I'm not very nice when I'm hungry. Especially after I plunged my face into a pole. We ended up getting some help from some locals and directed us to a complex full of restaurants. 

Ate at Fudruckers, and oh my their steak sandwich was mouthwatering. It was a quiet dinner cause we all were starving. Then the guys came to crash our dinner for a bit, check up on us and our plans, eat our food basically. They were hitting Miami Beach afterwards and us girls just wanted to crash at the resort and just chill. It was a long night that night. Especially falling asleep at 3am and planning to wake up at 5:30 for the sunrise. 



I think it amazes me on how just through one song can cause me to feel so many things,
 feelings, memories. I'm so moved by Sam Smith's song "Lay Me Down". My best friend
knows me so well to share this song with me and knew that I would fall in love with it. So
I'm listening to it, and gosh, all that keeps running through my mind is when I last seen you
in the snow in Brooklyn when you drove away. And also just about everything that we've
gone through together to get to where we are now, specifically the crazy type of love that
consisted of no sleep and singing to 80's classics to each other on skype and talking about
little important details that happened throughout the day on the phone.

You have such an affect on me you have no clue.

So I probably have replayed this song 3679356 times already because well Daniel
Bryan Gonzales, 700 miles away from you is a girl who misses you like how Marty
McFly missed his "present" parents, or exactly how Jane Foster searched for
constellations in order to find Thor, or when Marshall still loved and missed Lily when
 she left him for that art school in San Francisco. Yeah whatever, I'm a geek. I guess
what I'm trying to put out there is that you are missed, alot. But even though you're not
 here, or we don't get to really see each other throughout the day on skype and especially
 in person, or sometimes even talk to each other, you're here and you're there. Exactly like
that quote that I shared with you from General Conference that I absolutely loved. I'll find
you in anything and it'll bring a sweet memory in my mind or sometimes I'll make up a
memory and it gives me hope. Or I'll get random text messages from you and it'll keep me
at ease throughout my day. Or I'll stumble upon a picture of us on my phone and wonder
when we'll take that picture again. So, thank you for having such a huge affect on me
to find you in everything and anything that I do. It makes it just a tad easier to go about
my day and the days till I see you again. Thank you for always being here and there for me.


^^ i keep dreaming of this drink
, since then I've been needing substitutes lol We named this one after Marshalls Minnesota Tidal Wave^^
^^ and no there is no alcohol in the drinks, we just like to drink in wine glasses to be fancy lol and YES that is a life size cardboard cut out Neil Patrick Harris. Ain't he a beaut? ^^
^^ the legendary ducky tie ^^

We definitely needed an Intervention after that finale cause that was THE worst, THE WORST ending to a series ever. Especially to a series that was most anticipated to reveal the ending of. How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show and they basically ignored the past 9 seasons full of character development. So spoiler alert: for the past 9 years us fans have been waiting for the scene of how Ted meets the mother. And when it came it was perfectly directed. And then just 5 minutes later we find her in her death bed. WHY?!?!?! And to make things even worse, the next scene is of Ted and the mothers children on the couch. His daughter, Penny, realizes that the reason for Ted to tell his children of the story of how he met their mother was NOT to tell the story of how he met their mother but was to subliminally ask his children if he can date their Aunt Robin. WHAT THE FLIP?! So you're telling me that for the past 9 years we've been watching a lie. It just sucked and no one knew how to react to it when it ended. But theres an article out there that states that in the series DVD pack, an alternate ending will be shown! So i'm hoping hoping hoping this is true. 

But anyways, cheers to our HIMYM farewell party though! We all love the series and there was no better way to celebrate its ending than to throw a HIMYM themed party. And those drinks, thoseeee drinkssss though. 
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